After effects customization services

If you need after effects templates customization for any reason (you don’t have after effects, or you don’t have required after effects version, or you don’t have plugins which are used in project), please contact me via contact page or send mail

How it work?

- Choose templates from VIDEOHIVEPOND5

- Send for us info (your  text, slogans, images, logo, site) for templates what you prefer.

- Please provide me all informations about render final video… (e.g. MOV 1920×1080, MP4 1280×720)

- We send you invoice - 50% of price for start processing.

- We send you final product (your video) (1-3 business days depending of project complexity and render time.).

- You get a video preview of final work.

- Send a next 50% of price

- Get original video!

After Effects Customization Service!

Feel free to contact me for any question you have, from contact page on this website or send mail

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